Thank you for your input

I am super close to finishing the next long-awaited coaching program for coaches and Soul Biz owners.
I have been working on this for more than half a year, but I am finally going to wrap it up. I will be releasing it in a couple of weeks.

This program will be focused on 2 main questions:

How do I become a better coach? =  the Art & Science of coaching

How do I become a wealthy coach? = the Art & Science of building a coaching practice

Life is funny, you know. Being a great coach doesn't mean you'll be a wealthy coach. It sure helps, but building a coaching practice is a whole different story than purely supporting a person's transformation.

During the program I will share everything that has helped my partner Sarah and myself to combine these two. Profoundly coaching hundreds of people around the world and growing our own coaching business.

However, I need your help. Before I finalise everything and share it with you and all other people out here, I want to make sure I have covered everything.

That is where you come in. Please take one minute to answer this super-short survey. It may be the shortest survey of all times ... there are only 2 questions :-)

Thank you for answering them!