What past clients share about my work


Jan has been coaching me for the last 4 months. Before starting with the sessions, there were doubts if I am really able to change myself and to find the lightheartedness and confidence I had been desperately looking for. 
Did I really change? I am not sure... I simply started being myself again - loving, caring, able to relax and to disconnect. Sessions of talking and meditating helped me to find back easiness and sunniness and to give up the fear to fail. Jan, I am truly grateful for all your support, dedication and your belief in in me, I will never forget this experience. 

Director of Sales, Dubai

After our coaching program I see more clearly a way of how to further grow my business. Many different thoughts shifted, such as  "what is professional?" Your answer was "whatever helps people". This helped me in getting my own online course out and not "perfecting" it over and over again.
I can't really say that I was surprised about any of the results. I know you and your work and what I had hoped for before, actually happened. And you where able to really help me enormously in a short time.
I specifically liked your questions as well as your suggestions / feedback. You often kind of changed my perspective from which I was looking at something. Overall I feel happier and my business has evolved like I had hoped.

Andrea Ballhause, Coach, Germany

I am touched by your wonderful craft. Thank you for this relaxing and inspiring time of growth. I loved the meditations and I am touched by the conversations with you, because you are so honest, loving and always willing to support. I am so grateful for this experience.

Julia Colella, Life Coach of the year 2016, Germany

Sometimes in life you meet special people. You are one of them, Jan! Our coaching journey was simply beautiful! I was excited to see what you were doing since I am very experienced in that field as well. Thanks to you being so incredibly empathetic and experienced you were able to guide me to the right direction. You gave me so much value and achieved so much! Thank you, Jan!

Martina Waidhas, homeopathic practitioner, Germany


Coaching with Jan has led to so much more clarity for my professional journey. Through coaching with Jan I was able to see clearly where my path is leading me. This is a fantastic gift! By the way, I am also a great fan of his amazing meditations!

I warmly recommend working with Jan!

Timo Reustle, Speaker & Coach, Germany

Jan is pure magic. The honest and kind soul of this man has deeply touched me and has been a true inspiration and motivation ever since I met him! His coaching is pure, simple and yet so full of everything one can not put into words. I love his sessions, every time there is something new, something surprising, something of value. He gets me, everytime! Jan is a fantastic coach and I would recommend him to anyone, anytime, anywhere, always…

Hannah Klose, Speaker & Trainer, Germany

Jan is an incredibly empathetic being/coach. I rarely had such a deep and changing conversation. I can only thank him for the thoughts he instilled in me. Namaste.

Christian Mauerer, Chief Love Officer, Germany/Bali

My name is Christina and I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with Jan.  Although we were in two different countries and time-zones, I was pleasantly surprised of the safe, loving space that was held.  I was grateful that I was able to share myself authentically with him . The moment I got on the call with Jan, I felt relaxed and comfortable speaking with him and asking him for help and clarity with a situation I was stuck on.  Jan guided me through a beautiful meditation that afterwards left me feeling refreshed and as having a deeper sense of clarity and purpose. I feel thatJan is a gifted healer who held a safe space for me to explore my own inner thoughts and beliefs in order to find my own truth. I don’t think I would be willing to look at some of those things if it wasn't for Jan’s patience and compassion throughout the call. The experience is one that I share with my friends and family and with you. I would definitely work with Jan again as I trust him as a guide and mentor.

Christina Ioannou, Legal Assistant, USA