Coaching Mastery

The Coach’s Masterclass is THE top experience for true coaches who strive for excellence and have a genuine desire to serve their clients and the world in an outstanding way. This group is not for (wannabe) online marketers or for people who want to do a bit of coaching here and there because it’s trendy or cool.

We stand for “high class coaching” and we work exclusively with coaches who aim for the same excellent level of coaching as we do.

Wasting countless hours on writing social media posts. Just to get a dozen likes. Being distracted by flashy Facebook ads. Spending the night watching webinars on how to create online funnels that get you clients while you are sleeping. Which don’t work. Buying online courses on how to get rich quick – but you don’t. None of this has anything to do with being a high-class coach. A great cook cooks, an amazing teacher teaches, and a high-class coach coaches. We show you how to create a thriving, kick-ass, love-promoting, and world-changing coaching business while doing what you love most: coaching & whole-heartedly serving your clients. Our practice is built on invitation & referral only. If you are tired of the whole online world and all you really want to do is coach, then this mastermind experience is the perfect fit for you!

We have created a multiple six-figure coaching business with clients we cherish and love. While travelling the world. While raising a child. While enjoying life to the fullest. How? We only focus on becoming the best coaches we can possibly be. Ultimately, any high-class coach needs to master two skills & art forms: coaching (how to facilitate powerful and life-changing transformation) and enrolment (how to attract & continuously welcome clients to your practice). We support you in mastering both.

Today, we coach high profile clients who invest $ 50,000 and more to work with us. Our clientele includes supermodels, influencers, politicians, 8-figure entrepreneurs, singers, and other coaches. We have created this mastermind experience so that you get to work with your dream clients as well!

According to a global study, there are more than 55,000 coaches in the world today. Sounds like a lot? In reality, it’s not. We have a world population of almost 8 billion people, so we need more coaches. But not any kind. We need coaches who are masters of their craft. Coaches who deeply transform people’s lives. We are convinced that these master coaches will save the world. So yes, coaches are today’s superheroes. We want you to become your own version of a superwoman or superman. The world needs you to step up and to play flat out!

 Isn’t it pretty easy to become a coach? Just change your title on LinkedIn et voila, you are a coach. It may be simple to call yourself a coach, but it’s another story to become a masterful and successful one. Only 10% of coaches make more than  $100,000 per year. This mastermind experience helps you to join these top 10%. We want you to become a 6-figure coach! And we want you to change lives in a profound way while doing so. Only imagine the world we’d live in if coaching was valued as much, or even more than buying a big car. People investing in their coach just as much as they are investing in their car, house, or boat. It’d be an entirely different world!

 Being a coach comes with a great challenge. It’s a given that you love to grow. At a fast pace. But so many coaches outgrow their community and circle of friends. After all, going deep yourself and expanding your consciousness is part of becoming a better coach. This mastermind community allows you to join a group of people who never stop growing. Personal growth is our most important value and the basis for any success. WE BREATHE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT! As the saying goes: “The best coaches surround themselves with the best coaches.”

Let’s recap what this powerful mastermind experience is all about:
  1. Coaching excellence: you grow immensely as a coach and become a master at facilitating transformation for your clients.
  2. Enrolment excellence: you know how to attract your dream clients into your practice and how to lead powerful non-salesy & genuinely loving enrolment conversations.
  3. A strong community: you are surrounded by coaches who are just as ambitious as you are to lift each other up and to support one another.
  4. Learning from the best: Jan and Sarah have accomplished what you desire to create and they openly share all their success secrets so you get there, too.

Please don’t mistake what you read here for just another sales page. There is no flashing, red “book now” button or webinar that is only available today (yeah, right…). That’s not what we do. For this mastermind experience, we genuinely invite the most ambitious coaches to join us.

Where you go from here:

You already know that you want to be part of this powerful experience. Great, please get in touch, so we can share all the details and make sure this truly is the best fit for you! This needs to be a HEAVEN YES from all of us!

Or you may feel like you want to join us, but something deep inside is holding you back. It may be the fear of expansion and fully shining your light. Experiencing yourself in all your greatness. This is a very human predicament. We invite you to still get in touch, so together we can have a look at how to transform these self-imposed limitations so you can finally set yourself free! To arrive at a fully honest decision where you can confidently say: no or HEAVEN YES!

We love being there for you with all our heart, coaching excellence, and business knowledge. Let’s transform the world together!

Let’s have a peek at some of the details now. What does this mastermind experience look like?

Our exclusive circle of ambitious world-changers meets through a video call 3 x per month:

We have 2 powerful group mastermind sessions led by international Master Coach and Speaker Jan Broders.

  1. You learn from someone who is coaching high performers and is enrolling clients for $50.000 and more.
  2. Jan’s ability to explain coaching tools and give coaching business advice in a light, humorous yet so powerful way is incredibly helpful and fun at the same time.
  3. You harness the power of the community. You benefit from other coaches’ experiences, you feel understood, you give and receive feedback. All in all, we are in this together and have each other’s backs!
We do 1 coaching supervision call with Master Coach and celebrities’ secret weapon Sarah Antwerpes
  1. Sarah, also known as the “red lady” observes and evaluates real life coaching sessions.
  2. With all her deep love for the magic of coaching, Sarah shares when exactly the coach is coaching in her zone of genius and where she can improve to have an even bigger impact on the client. We want you to discover your unique style of high-class coaching and there is no better way than having a proven Master Coach show you how during actual sessions!
  3. You get to witness what coaching mastery looks like first-hand. Sarah’s apprentices love this form of supervision as she delivers it in a loving and kind way.
Community Bonus: Private WhatsApp group
  1. All coaches who are part of the mastermind experience are invited into this safe space to share their everyday questions and success stories.
  2. This group is dedicated to one topic only: coaching, coaching, coaching.
  3. Feel free to participate without the pressure of having to answer 20 messages a day. Enjoy the feedback and loving support of the group whenever you need it.
Community Bonus: Priority access to our mastermind retreats

Members of the mastermind community receive priority access for booking the upcoming coaches’ retreats in Mallorca and California with Jan & Sarah. Imagine living in the same house as other ambitious coaches for a week or two! How would that change your reality and way of being!?



I am most surprised by my extreme development within such a short time. I quit my old job. I have my own business now. I am coaching people and I am a speaker. I am even featured in the media!

– Christina Wechsel, Coach, Keynote Speaker & Alternative Practitioner

Through coaching with Sarah, you start doing things immediately! Sarah’s intuition is priceless. I have been working on my personal development for 20 years. No other work has so harmoniously combined .. womanhood & entrepreneurship – like Sarah does in her work.”

 – Dr. Miriam Stark, Business Psychologist, Expert for femininity, Coach

I can’t really say that I was surprised by my progress. What I had hoped for, happened. And Jan was able to really help me enormously. His questions as well as his suggestions / feedback are priceless. He often changed my perspective from which I was looking at something, so I was free to move on and take the next steps.

– Andrea

You’re a legend, Sarah! The most abundant chapter in my life. I didn’t know HOW amazing a coach can be. I feel I’ve already let go of 30 years of trauma and childhood wounds. Infinite gratitude.

– Hanna Augenstein, Empowerment Coach for people who are born to stand out