The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you realise why

Coaching Apprenticeship


I never wanted to become a coach.

I wanted to be a business man.

Well, first I wanted to be a dolphin trainer or marine biologist. And a trash-man (because they are allowed to stand at the back of their trucks, still looks fun to me!!). And a farmer. And a football player. And a tennis coach.

Despite all odds I went down the business route.

I wanted to be the better kind of man, the one who makes shit loads of money and travels the world.

You know how that went, right? I burnt out, my body physically collapsed, I fell into depression, I wanted to end my life - the darkest year of my life.

And then through the help of some amazing teachers I found a way out. I found a way to deal with these nagging thoughts, I found a way to deal with the pressure I was putting on myself. I found a way to be happy again - happier than ever before.

More and more people turned towards me for advice. They wanted to learn what I had learnt and I found joy in helping them. And so slowly and very organically I found myself in a coaching capacity.

I still remember a conversation I had with a friend. She was in a lot of pain. Her life was falling apart, all that she had worked for for so long turned out to hurt her more than it was serving here.

The dream job sucked. Her boss was a real pain and it all began collapsing.

Panik attacks, not being able to sleep, fear of failure, fear to quit the job, ... all these very familiar thoughts and doubts. So we sat down and had a talk. After a while she was in tears and realised what had to change. It was the breakthrough she needed to actively start creating her own destiny and future.

Her life was never the same after!


When I came home, I had tears running down my face. I was so moved by what I had just experienced.

I remembered the saying "The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you realise why". I knew I had just experienced the second one. I knew what my calling was, I had found my purpose, my Dharma, what I came to this earth for. There are many ways to explain it, I just knew what felt right.

And so I offered my coaching to more and more people. I posted a video on Facebook offering 100 free coaching sessions - these were booked within three months - more than one session per day. Things sped up. I told my girlfriend I no longer felt it was right for me to work on the start-up we had founded a few months prior.

A bold move. A very liberating one, too.

I was becoming a full-time coach


Throughout the whole time I was playing with different coaching methods. I experimented with what helped me most. I did a meditation teacher training and started combining methods that seemingly wouldn't go hand in hand. I asked clients if I could test them during our next session. They experienced major breakthroughs, beautiful shifts in their lives and so I continued perfecting them.

Earlier in 2015 I attended a great entrepreneurial retreat in Bali, Indonesia. I had committed to spending over 5.000 Euros on further building my skills and on fully immersing myself into the world of coaching and personal development. What happened after I had signed up for that experience was mind-blowing.

I was fully committed, I put the money on the table, I was all in. And the universe responded. People I did a free session with approached me and asked to work with me long-term. I enrolled my first 4 figure client. The second and third followed shortly after.

After the retreat my girlfriend and I decided to stay in Bali to work from there. Another one of my dreams as coming true - I was working location independent. No matter where I wanted to be at this moment, I could catch the next flight and work from there. One morning I had this amazing coaching session with a guy from the US. I had known him for a few weeks and the things he wanted to create in the world deeply touched me. I sensed his big heart, his love for people and I saw the immense potential in him. I was 100% sure. I want to coach him and make his Heaven on Earth come true. But there was more to it. I didn't only want to coach him, but I wanted to teach him all I had learned. I wanted to give him access to the tools and methods I had developed. They were helping him in such massive way, I wanted him to use them as well and change more people's lives.

And so we agreed on embarking on an adventure together. He would become my apprentice. He would get access to all I was doing and working on. He would become a high impact coach himself.

Coaching + Teaching + Biz


Any of my apprentices get access to the full coaching process that I would do with any other client. We work through limiting beliefs that keep holding you back, we overcome fears and doubts, we clear relationships that are blocking the energy flow. On top of that I teach you the methods that I have developed.

Step by step you learn the framework on how to lead guided meditations for example. These meditations will  transform any obstacle into fuel. Where there was fear there now is love and compassion. Where there was anger there now is a creative drive and energy.

While working through your own process and learning all the methods you need to be a coach we start building your biz. After all, this is supposed to sustainably support you. If you want to, it is going to become your main job and source of income. So there is a business side to it. Together we make sure you do what coaches do best: coaching. Then we work on enrolling your first paying clients: I show you how profound service converts into dollars in your bank account.

Does this light a spark inside of you?


Does any of what you just read evoke the feeling of "Hell effin Yeah!"? If so, let's get real here. This apprenticeship is a process of deep transformation. I believe anyone can do it. I believe we all have the capacity to be teachers. We all carry the light within us. But very few are committed to letting that light shine. Many say they do, but let's be honest. They don't want to put in what it requires. And this is not about working hard. This has nothing to do with hustling, grinding, gallons of coffee and Red Bull. This is about trust, compassion and love. For you and for the people around you.

Who am I to ...? - Who are you to not?


Who are you to coach others?

Who are you to believe that your life could be different?

Let me ask you, who are you to not coach others?

Who are you to believe that your life should be the way it is right now?

It is our duty as humans to raise to the challenge. I believe it is our duty to shine and to expand. To fully expand and spread the love. The world doesn't need more worry, fear and stress. What this planet needs is people like you and me. People who are willing to leave what we were taught behind.

People who question the status quo and change competition for compassion. We change work to pay for work to play. And we turn fear into fuel for creating our desires.

This program is by invitation only and I warmly invite you sent me a message through the button below. Share with me why you feel inspired to go on this journey together. If I feel we could be a good fit and if I feel I want to work with your for the coming months, I invite you to have a call with me. From there on out anything is possible.

Yes, I want to be a coach