Only when you know what's important to you, will you know where you are at home.

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These are the 5 principles that I live my life by

1. There are no rules

The first rule is that there are no rules. There isn’t anything that cannot be challenged. Any rule you live by is either a cultural norm or some conditioning you have come to accept as truth over the years. If you think breakfast means bacon and eggs, go to Asia for a week. Breakfast to people in Hong Kong may mean miso soup with duck feet. There is no absolute truth. Not even for breakfast.


2. Perfection

I am perfect. And so are you. You may try to validate your existence by being the best, by working the longest hours, by signing the biggest deals, … and while all this is great (if you love doing it) it’s not going to make you any better than you already are. You are a 10/10. Nothing will change that. No, not even that awesome linkedin profile of yours.


3. Connection

Nothing is separate. There is no ebb without the flood. There are no flowers without the sun. Everything is connected. Nature is working like a grand orchestra. In perfect harmony. And you are part of nature. Nature is not something you look at when going to the zoo. There is a whole eco-system working to perfection for you to be here right now. For you to be alive. You are part of this perfect orchestra. If you allow yourself to be.


4. My thoughts, my responsibility

You are the master of your universe. You are in charge of your thoughts and you are in charge of your feelings. No one can make you feel small or insignificant. Your mind is your territory. You set the rules. Whatever the circumstances, you are responsible for what you think about the world around you. And you are responsible for how you feel about it. That's how I was able to go from laying in the hotel lobby feeling depressed to waking up excited, enjoying life and work, being healthy and making more money than I ever have.


5. Balance

As a high performer my life used to be about reaching the extremes. In all areas of life. When I went running, I ran till my knees hurt. When I worked on a project as a revenue manager, then I worked until midnight. When I started eating clean, I drank a gallon of green smoothies per day. That’s perfect imbalance. Life always balances itself out. Think of the wind balancing out high and low pressures, hot and cold. If you don’t take care of being in balance, your body will. And by that I mean you get sick or depressed, or both.

You and I have a lot in common

The people I work with deserve to be on magazine covers!

They rule! They are high achievers. Many of them leaders in their industry. 

I assume you can identify with that.

They are fully committed to reaching their goals. Making big visions come to life. And I admire that. A great deal!

Where trouble starts is when only that one part of your life flourishes. Business is going great. But how about your family? Your relationships? Your children? Your health? Your work-life balance in general? Your stress level? Your fulfilment and spiritual growth?

It’s not like you don’t want it. In fact, it’s tearing you apart. You are like a circus artist. Juggling priorities. Managing expectations. But in reality someone is always feeling left out. Your partner. Your children. Your boss. Even yourself.

I have been there too.

My success outpaced my ability to manage it:


Yes, I was part of the most prestigious high potential program in the hotel industry.

Yes, I had graduated with honors from traditional German hospitality training (aka bootcamp) and from university.

Yes, I had worked and lived in 10 countries by the age of 27.

Yes, my beautiful girlfriend was moving with me from Austria to Germany to London to Prague.

Yes, I was on track of running my own 5-star hotel in my early 30’s.


And …


No, I wasn’t happy.

No, I wasn’t healthy.

No, I wasn’t the partner my girlfriend deserved.

No, I hadn’t spoken with my best friend in months.

No, I didn’t feel fulfilled.


One morning I literally collapsed in the 5-star lobby of the hotel I was working at. The signs couldn’t have been any clearer. I had to turn my life around. There was no other choice. My body made that decision for me.

My health forced me to leave my prestigious job in revenue management to fully immerse myself in the question of:

How can I live a happy, healthy, fulfilled, successful, prosperous life without compromising who I truly am?


I read any book I could get my hands on. I travelled across Europe to attend seminars and retreats. I visited therapists, coaches, Native American shamans, massage therapists, singing bowl weirdos. Anything that got me closer to answering that question.

And once I figured it out for myself, people started approaching me. They wanted to learn how I managed to completely transform my life, built a business around it and experienced complete freedom while travelling the world with my family.


JB Coaching & Consulting was born.


Today I support people through deep and extremely powerful coaching.

We enter the sacred space of coaching together. No really, picture it as a room that we both walk in.

We sit down. We are present. And we speak.

You are allowed to be who you truly are. You connect with the boldest vision of yours. Through our conversations you start seeing possibilities. Your horizon expands. You begin living in a completely different world. Your dreams start becoming true. You begin living your life - not someone else’s.

Please click the button below and get in touch. Together we explore what expressing the boldest version of yourself looks like for you.